Garrison Bradford & Associates.

We, the People

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William G. Garrison, CFA and CIC, is Founder, President, Chief Investment Officer and Senior Portfolio Manager.  He attended Amherst College and NYU Business School.  He started his career as a securities analyst and served as Director of Research at a Wall Street brokerage house.  He was a Portfolio Manager and Partner at Century Capital Partners before starting Garrison Asset Management in 1974.  He has served as a director, trustee and finance committee member with several eleemosynary and non-profit organizations.
William Bradford III, CFA and CIC, is Executive Vice President, co-CIO and Senior Portfolio Manager.  He attended Bowdoin College and NYU Business School.  He began as a securities analyst and then managed a growth-stock mutual fund.  Before teaming up with Bill Garrison in 1985, he was President of NSR Asset Management, an institutional money manager.   He is involved with a number of charitable and non-profit groups and for many years has been Treasurer of the award-winning Off Broadway Keen Company.
Sherli Looi is Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Analyst and Trader.  She has a Chartered Accountancy from New Zealand and an MBA from the William E. Simon Business School.  Before joining Garrison Bradford in 2012 she was a Vice President in Foreign Exchange for Chase Manhattan Bank , (now JP Morgan Chase) in Malaysia, Singapore and New York.  She has written for and, and volunteered in educating high school students about finance. 

Elizabeth Silverman is Vice President. She is a graduate of CUNY.  She has been with Garrison Bradford for over twenty-five years, managing the office, computer systems, billing and accounting.  She is a gardener, Victorian house restorer and practitioner of holistic healing.

Ivis Armstrong is Portfolio Administrator.  She has over twenty-five years of experience in portfolio accounting.  She joined Garrison Bradford in 2007 and manages the AXYS system which maintains all our client records.  She and her husband share their passion for open roads on their 750cc motorcycles.